About us

My name is Josie and I have been a nurse for many years, I started making soap more than 20 years ago. When my children were little, my oldest daughter developed a skin problem that would not get any better even after several visits to the dermatologist, she was 12 yrs old and it would brake my heart each time one of her friends would ask "what is wrong with her skin?"

I started searching and reading about products that were in contact with her skin, that took me to reading the labels of the commercial soap.  I then found out what is in commercial soap, mainly chemicals that we can't even pronounce and detergent to make it bubble.  

I spent endless hours at the library (before computers and internet) searching how to make my own soap.  After many trials and errors, failed batches and money spent in oils I would end up throwing away, I started making my own bath soap for our family.  My daughter's skin began to improve and after a while the problem was completely gone.

Being a nurse I know that our skin is the largest organ in our body and it can absorb anything that gets in contact with it.  Sometimes we don't even stop to think of the long term effects of all the chemicals commercial body products have and  we put on our skin.  For all these years I have been making soap for my family, my friends and sometimes for gifts and selling it at craft shows.  

I just recently retired from my permanent job as a Registered Nurse and decided to start sharing my craft and my soap with as many people as I can.  

My inspiration is the desert where I live in Southern California, especially at the beginning of Spring when the ocotillos and cactus show their hot pink flowers, and the warm sweet smell of desert sand. 

It is my hope and wish that as you use my soaps and bath products you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.